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If anyone would like a bodyshell mould to have a go at producing a fibreglass shell we are just about to skip ours! I can hold off until September if anyone would like it but you would need to let me know soon and arrange collection from King James's School which is in Knaresborough North Yorkshire. The mould is the one that we produced two of our shells from. It does not have wheel cut outs so these can be placed where you want. The shell produced from it is the yellow one on this page's

If you would like some more info I can be contacted through this forum or kjsgreencar at gmail dot com (no spaces etc!)




  • I'll take it Steve. I'm sure we can make a donation to your favourite charity ;-)
  • Thanks to WHS, the mould has now gone!
  • Great bit of kit. Thanks ;-)
  • Turned out our first moulding last friday. Excellent. A few bubbles to fill but pretty decent. Thanks a lot.
  • Now available to anyone else who wants a good first time experience of using 'glass.
  • We would love a go. Were are you based?
  • Near Lancaster.
  • OK, I will try to work out how we can get it to Reading.
  • Rockingham is closer to Reading than Lancaster.
  • If things do not work out getting it to Reading, we would love a chance to make use of the mould. We are looking to start a team at Selby College, North Yorkshire.
  • Watch this space Graeme. It's certainly worth a shot for a first car ;-)

    If DSRacing can't pick it up from Rockingham on the 15th or16th, I could detour via Ferrybridge services on the way back.

    Over to you DSRacing.
  • That could be a plan. Can you tell us how big it is? I should be able to collect from Rockingham.
  • whswhs
    edited October 2016
    2800 x 800 x 900 ish. I'm sure it would be happy to sit on a roof rack or open trailer, it's a robust peice of kit. :-)
  • If the mould makes it to Reading, any chance I could use it too? We are in GHC in Bracknell
  • Hi Peter! Not quite that big! 2700 X 640 wide X 560 tall.
  • I knew you'd be along to remind me of more precise dimensions. Just a punt Steve, but I'm guessing you'll be happy for anyone to use the mould? It'd be quite impressive for it to do a tour of the country.
  • Well happy! Spread the love!
  • Well, no one showed up to take it off my hands at Rockingham so it's back in Lancs. Graeme?
  • Hi whs. Sorry I was going to say I couldn't get to Rockingham to collect as the forum went down. Please move the mould on to some one else local if you can. If it does a tour and finds its way further south perhaps we can have another go.
  • Hi, I wondered if the mould was still available? We're in North Tyneside. Thanks
  • Yep, still available. You could collect from Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.
  • You wouldn't think it would be so hard to give something away would you?!
  • Hi crag rat - your comment reminded my of this lttle gem !! enjoy !!
  • Hiya, apologies for not getting straight back, we're struggling to find a way of collecting. Is it currently at a school i.e. would it need to be picked up on a school day or could it be collected on a weekend?
  • The school is staffed at the weekend, shouldn't be a problem as long as we know when you're arriving.
  • That's great - I'll hopefully be in touch soon. If someone else shows interest beforehand though, certainly give it to them.

  • Hi Peter! Check your email. I've sent a message! CR
  • Hello Peter, Is the mould still available and where is it located?
  • Thanks Steve. Yes Nigel, it's still here. See email.
  • The mould has now moved on. I'm looking forward to seeing how the next Crag Rat incarnation turns out ;-)
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