Free Bodywork!

After a little bit of garage clearing the other day we would like to offer the following sets of bodywork and moulds for free to anyone willing to collect from Clacton on sea.

Firstly we have the bodywork and moulds from Whoosh (2008) They're a little dusty but all in all, in pretty good condition it was designed to suit 406/20" wheels.

We also have 5/6ths of the bodywork from Swoosh (2007) This was also made to suit 406/20" Wheels, it's modular, which is really nice, but it was involved in an incident and so would, require a new side panel, which is something that's very easily replicated.

We also have a male plug that is about 85% there, designed around 349/16" rims and is going to create something very slippery! The pictures below show it a fair way before we stopped work on it.

If you're interested in any of these feel free to drop me an email Luke (at) Horsfall racing dot co dot uk




  • Interested to know dimensions.
    Thanks Matty
  • This is all from memory, but,

    Whoosh body is approx 450x 750 x 2000mm

    Modular body is adjustable width, length is approx 2200 and height is 450-500mm from memory.

    Male plug is approx 400x 700 x 2800mm
  • These are likely to just get cut up and thrown in a skip if no one claims these over the next month or so (which would be pretty tough to do) so, if you or any other teams you might know could find a use for any of this then please do put them in touch.
  • Hi Luke, I'd rather come and rescue these than see them get cut up (certainly the male plug for me, possibly the other two for teams I support). I need to make a plan to get to Clacton with a suitable vehicle, but please don't bin them yet if you've got the space to hold on to them. You can get me on phil [a]t weald-tech [] if you want to discuss.
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