Explanation of official timing results

Hi, as my chosen sport before getting involved in Greenpower was Motorcycle trials that has a completely different way of scoring I find it a little hard to decipher the official timing data.

Please could someone more experienced than I in regards to this explain the columns GAP and INT?

Really enjoyed our time at Castle Combe today, the Bournemouth & Poole college team were chuffed to have been the first placed Kitcar in the F24+ race for the 2nd week running.

Lot's of interesting chats with other teams too.



  • Wayne,

    GAP refers to the amount of time between the lead car and any subsequent car. Say the lead car has completed 30 miles and you have a 10 minute GAP, at your average pace it would take 10 minutes to reach 30 miles. INT is a similar concept but relating to the car in front of you.

  • Thank you Josh, I had thought GAP was as you described.

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