As a new team, we're looking closely at the regs and pondering over the technical definitions of some terms. Is a bulkhead simply a partition or does it need to meet a minimum standard? Our car has a single rectangular piece of 6mm ply for the back rest, diving the car in two. Would that count as a bulkhead?


  • Hi Pete,

    The only rule governing the minimum standard of these bulkheads is T7.2, mandating a minimum 3mm thickness for plywood, so a simple partition made from 6mm plywood would be adequate.

    The general idea with the battery/driver bulkhead is to "briefly" contain an electrical fire and prevent the batteries coming into contact with the driver in a crash or roll.

  • The front bulkhead is a bit different, it should be able to withstand the force from an impact to allow the styrofoam nose to absorb energy. If too thin the foam will be pushed through into the cockpit before it can do its job
  • Thanks for replies!
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