I'm wondering if people are sourcing their replacement tyres through Greenpower or elsewhere? Any advice would be gratefuly recieved.
After just a single event our drive wheels are worn through to the canvas.


  • Hi, we get our tyres off ebay. We have been running a kit car for the last four seasons and changed to Kenda and schwalbe tyres between 1.1 and 1.25 width. They aren't cheap but they do last. Our car has just needed two new tyres after a season and a half.
    Another thing is to change the front and back tyres around to even out wear just like you are supposed to do with a road car.
    Hope this helps, Chris
    (An ebay seller has 2x Kenda sport K193 20"x1.25 tyres for just under £40)
  • Burkettboy, the question is about Goblin tyres.

    Mrbcole, I would put this question directly to Greenpower. You're not allowed to modify the Goblin chassis/running gear so spares may have to be supplied by Greenpower.
  • We bought a new trolley tyre on ebay, came to about £10 including postage. After two adults struggled for half an hour to get it back on in the primary classroom (as they are so extremely tight, nothing like a bicycle tyre at all - an adult had to jump on it to get it back on in the end) we vowed never again and now buy replacement wheels from Greenpower instead. Might cost a couple of pounds more but much, much easier (unless you have access to a proper workshop / press).
  • Oops, my bad, sorry.
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