Lots for Sale (also advertised Formula 24)


As our school is no longer in existence we have loads of Kit Car bits for Sale.
Wanting to sell them in 1 lot if possible.

Please find herewith a list of whats included in the sale.

2 Car Chassis

1 Complete Custom built Car

And all these bits below
1 Nuvinci Hub (Unused) Cost £390
1 Unused Motor Cost £193
2x Used Motors
1 Wiring Loom c/c Amp & Volt meter.
Lower Arms
Steering Wheel
Battery Cable
Steering Arm
Rim Tape
1 Halo SAS Rim
Rear Axel Bearings
4 Top Arms
4 Brake Callipers
2 Brake levers
Brake Disc Axel Mount
2 Rear Axle mounts
2 Wing Mirrors

We even have very good condition Overalls and Baseball caps (only worn about 3 times / various sizes) c/c Team Logo that your welcome to.
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