Iris eTrike

I saw this on Breakfast TV today. From Clive Sinclair's nephew as a modern C5 Sure I've see something like this before...... hmmm! Turbo Tortoise?!


  • I wonder what legislation allows it to be used on UK roads. According to the website it uses bike wheels and components but has a 750W motor which I thought makes it too powerful to be classed as an electric assist trike. If it were classed as a moped the non-pneumatic slick tyres wouldn't be road legal. I seem to remember the original C5 was something of a legal grey area.
  • I thought exactly the same thing Gary, I can't see how it fits the regs at all. I believe that there's also a 15.5mph speed limit, after which it can't be providing motive power and the Iris is listed as having a top speed of 30mph.

    My understanding is that anything outside of those regs will then fit in to any one of a few other categories and then have to be both registered, taxed and insured all of which sounds like an expensive hassle.

    I think, for now, I will just carry on using either my car or my road bike.
  • The lower spec Iris (with the 250W motor) I think would meet the regulations, assuming the top speed they quote is when pedaling with motor assistance, rather than just using the motor.

    I'm quite tempted by one.

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