Shipping a car to Indianapolis

Is there anyone else going across the pond for the Indy Race? If so, do you want to share a shipping crate? We're just about to start building ours and could make one that houses two cars, top to tail. It'd be good to halve the cost.


  • We'd love to but unfortunately not this year. My young family means i'll be doing well to get to UK events let alone the US!
    Perhaps in the future GP could help organise a group container for a fleet of UK cars to go across (sponsored by Siemens perhaps?)?
    How are you planning on moving all your kit and how much are you looking at spending?
  • Just waiting for the quote back. Nervous.
  • Just to answer the question better, we're building a crate from box steel, with space for car, batteries, spares plus sleeping bags and catering gear. We'll be glamping whilst we're there. We're going to rent a 7 seat car with a Uhaul trailer for the road trip.
  • Out of interest, what Indy Race is this?
  • Update: Now in a warehouse in Essex and will be making its way across the pond at the weekend.

    photo IMGP1568_zpso3bkn13s.jpg

    photo IMGP1564_zpsbdk3jd0k.jpg
  • Good luck Pete, hope you have a good trip. I bet it's brilliant...
    I'd have gone along to an indy race but the school didn't want to go - bad timing for exams....
  • Bad Timing indeed, RMT controlled assessment deadline while we're away. I have to have it posted a week early :-( Shame no one else could make it though.
  • That will guarantee you a visit from the moderator! Always get one when you post early!
  • We had a wonderful visit to the states. Took second and brought home spirit of GP. If anyone else is considering this, don't hesitate to get in touch, we might be able to help you around some pitfalls.

    photo IMG_0130_zpsxdljwciw.jpgC
  • Fantastic result Pete - wish we could have gone too!
    Look forward to reading about it (hint hint....)
  • Great work Pete, what a fantastic opportunity you provided for students! I bet they all loved it and learnt a huge amount without realising it. :)
  • Got to write a report for the paper anyway. Watch this space.
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